Monday, May 4, 2009

Chemo Day 1

So today Carol took me for my first day of chemo, cycle 1 day 1 in chemo lingo. Except for the nurse jabbing me with a needle to access my port it was an uneventful 5 hours. I had 6 different bags of meds to go through so it took a while. They started out giving me meds for the side effects so hope they work. Then we got all my meds outlined to take during the next three weeks until my next chemo cycle which will be on May 26th. I am scheduled to have six cycles of chemotherapy, with the last towards the end of August. I go back tomorrow to get a shot of neulasta which is suppose to help my white blood count not go too low. Am still trying to schedule chemo, injections, blood draws and Dr. visits around my calendar already filled with graduations, camp and my activities! Anyone planning on doing this in the future, my advise is to schedule it way in advance. More to follow after I learn to blog and am really the one doing these posts!!


  1. you go girl I admire you are too funny better take it easy and follow the Dr.s orders.........your a special you Debbie
    always Mary Ann

  2. I'm giggling at you trying to "fit in" chemo within your already full calendar! We women are such multi-taskers!